Semipermanent Makeup

Semi-Permanent Make-Up Benefits;

Eliminate drawing eyebrows/eyeliner from daily routine


  • Fill in thin eyebrows or eyebrows with not even hair
  • Fixing asymmetrical eyebrows
  • Fill in missing spots
  • Fixing a previously tattooed shape
  • Covering a scar


  • Give definition to eyes at all times
  • For those who frequently smudge their eyeliner


  • To give color to dark or pale lips
  • Make fuller lips or define the outer shape of lips
  • To have beautifully tinted lips at all times
  • For those whose lipstick last only a short time


3D Semipermanent Makeup

Digital machines are the newest technological advancement for Semi Permanent Make-up

  • MTS technique and Semi-Permanent Make-up in One.
  • A digital machine creates a more natural look while automating the needle’s depth into the skin.
  • Numerous techniques can be used, including skin and scalp care.

Spring EMBO needles

  • specially created tool to make Semi-Permanent tattooed eyebrows look Natural.
  • main- lines and sub-lines creates a natural 3D look.
  • with two tones, completes the 4D look.